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This product tour demonstrates the settings and operation of DoubleKiller by performing an example scan, illustrated with screenshots.

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Click "Options" to switch to the options page.


Comparison criteria

Below "assume files to be the same, if..." you can define the criteria for comparing the files. The four criteria file name, file size, date (of last modification) and CRC32-checksum (content) can be freely combined. To make the search as fast as possible, the content comparison is only performed if the files are identical in all other criteria, because for this purpose the whole file has to be read. The default setting, a combination of size and CRC32, only finds files that contain exactly the same data without performing unnecessary CRCs.

Select directories

On the bottom left, titled "folders", you can find the list of directories being scanned. You can add as many directories or partitions as you want to and even shared folders of computers of your Network Neighborhood are supported. The two buttons below the list allow to add or delete entries. The checkbox in front of each entry controls if not only files residing directly in this folder but also the files of all its subdirectories are scanned.
Attention: Never scan your windows directory for duplicate files - many of them are absolutely required! Instead it is recommended to scan your music or picture collection or "My Documents".

Using file masks

The two boxes in the middle of the page allow to specify file masks to limit the scan to certain files or exclude them from the scan. A file mask describes what a filename must look like, using placeholders for parts that do not matter. To limit the scan to sound files in WAV format, you would add '*.wav' to the upper list, for example.

Excluding more files

At "leave out the following files" the search can be limited further. The first group of options allows to exclude files with certain attributes, for example hidden or system files, from the scan. Below this the search can be limited to files with a certain minimal or maximal filesize.

Saving settings

The checkbox "save settings in registry" controls if the settings are stored in registry. It's unchecked by default because our products do not write anything to Windows' registry without the user's prior permission. Using the button below you can delete the entries at any time.

DoubleKiller Pro

DoubleKiller Pro offers advanced comparison options for each of the criteria to e.g. compare only a part of the file's name or content. Besides, the directory list allows to temporarily disable entries or exclude directories from the scan and the size and attribute filters are more flexible.

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