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Big Bang enterprises

This is the website of the software producer Big Bang enterprises. Big Bang enterprises was founded in the beginning of 2000 by Jan Schlüter. Among some freeware and screensavers you will find our main products DoubleKiller and DoubleKiller Pro.

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2015-02-19 - Status update
Development is paused for a while as I'm doing my PhD, but DoubleKiller still works fine and emails are answered quickly!

2007-07-07 - DoubleKiller
DoubleKiller released. Includes minor user interface improvements and a bugfix for unix file servers.

2007-07-03 - Puzzle of Hanoi
Puzzle of Hanoi released. The update fixes problems with newer graphics cards and adds a performance option for older graphics cards.

2007-06-05 - DoubleKiller Pro
DoubleKiller Pro released, introducing support for zip archives and catalog files, user interface enhancements and improved performance. details...
As this update took much longer than expected, the update periods have been extended so it is freely available for all existing customers. log in
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