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Old News

2006-01-24 - DoubleKiller
DoubleKiller released. Offers better protection of system files and slightly improved performance. An update of DoubleKiller Pro will follow soon.

2006-01-08 - Website
As you may have noticed, the complete website has been redesigned in order to improve text readability and navigation. Any comments are appreciated!

2005-05-29 - DoubleKiller
Finally there's a new version of DoubleKiller - wait - two new versions of DoubleKiller! Having put that much time and effort into it over the last two years, I've decided to split it into DoubleKiller and DoubleKiller Pro, both a great improvement over the previous version.

2003-07-27 - DoubleKiller
The last update is pretty old now, but I'm working quite hard to release the next one which will add many new features.
You can now subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when the update is finished.

2003-02-04 - Hanoi
"Soon" in the last news turned out to be quite a long time, but now the screensaver Puzzle of Hanoi is completed and released.

2002-12-18 - DoubleKiller
DoubleKiller released. Includes an important fix (reduced memory usage)!
I will release the first screensaver soon.

2002-11-25 - DoubleKiller
DoubleKiller released.

2002-10-22 - DoubleKiller
DoubleKiller released.

2002-10-13 - DoubleKiller
DoubleKiller released.

2002-09-25 - DoubleKiller
Finally, a new version of DoubleKiller is available for download!

2002-09-14 - DoubleKiller
Thanks to the many great features you suggested, I'm now working on an update of DoubleKiller.
The other project is finished to about 12%.

2002-08-06 - relaunch
Today, after a complete redesign of the site, is relaunch! At first only ChatStation and DoubleKiller are available, but in the next time some small tools and screensavers will be added.
Besides i'm already working on a new program.