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  ChatStation is a skinnable chat program for local area networks or the internet that does not need a server.
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in a nutshell


  • - Talk to your friends and colleagues in your local network
  • - Chat with internet friends without registering e.g. an ICQ account
  • - No Chatserver needed, all participants just need to start ChatStation


  • - No installation needed, just extract and run
  • - You define which computers receive your messages
  • - Each participant can pick an own color
  • - You can choose how to say something (e.g. ... screams:)
  • - Even arbitrary actions are possible (e.g. ... gets himself a donut)
  • - The skinnable user interface can be replaced with another

in detail


ChatStation is a chat program suited for network or internet usage. No chatserver is needed, simply run ChatStation on every computer and after a quick configuration all users can communicate with each other. Of course every participant of a chat session can choose an own color. And beside saying, shouting or maybe gasping your message you can perform any action you want (e.g. laugh). ChatStation has a cool user interface and is skinnable so the interface can be completely replaced by another. Screenshots and Product Tour »