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If not stated otherwise, these programs are freeware, this means you can download and use them for free. It isn't allowed to earn money with them or modify them, though!



ChatStation is a chat program for local area networks or the internet. No chatserver is needed; all pcs can communicate with each other without any further software. ChatStation is skinnable. more »


DoubleKiller searches the hard disk for identical files. The comparison criteria can be freely combined, e.g. a content comparison (CRC32) and file name comparison. You then get a list of all duplicate files found and can decide which files to delete or move. more »

DoubleKiller Pro

DoubleKiller Pro is a heavily extended version of DoubleKiller offering superior performance, greater flexibility and a lot of additional features that help handling duplicate files.
This application is no freeware and may be used commercially. more »



Puzzle of Hanoi

Puzzle of Hanoi is an OpenGL screensaver showing the Towers of Hanoi "in action". Height of the towers, speed and more is adjustable. more »