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DoubleKiller Pro » Free vs. Pro

DoubleKiller comes in two flavours: The basic version is simpler and free for private use, the second one called DoubleKiller Pro has been developed later and is a heavily extended version of the first one.
While the free version is enough for many purposes, e.g. if you only need to scan a small number of files and do not need to take care which duplicates are removed, the Pro version is especially suited for rapidly comparing huge amounts of files and offers much greater flexibility both when comparing files and when deciding which files to remove.

Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

This comparison chart lists the most important differences between the free version of DoubleKiller and the heavily extended version DoubleKiller Pro.

Number of folders unlimited unlimited
Number of files unlimited unlimited
Maximal file size (single file) 2 GB unlimited
Maximal file size (alltogether) unlimited unlimited
Installation needed no no
Multilingual interface no yes
Sort results limited yes
Regroup results no yes
Save / export results yes yes
Load / import results no yes
Advanced comparison options no yes
Byte-per-byte comparison no yes
Check by criteria no yes
Delete files yes yes
Move files yes yes
Move files to Recycle Bin no yes
Replace files by shortcuts no yes
Delete empty directories no yes
Command line support no yes
Example scan (minutes) 10:41 2:03
Private use free 14.95€
Commercial use no 29.95€

Note: unlimited means ~2 billion for file / folder counts
and 8 exabytes (8 billion gigabytes) for file sizes
Price discounts apply when purchasing multiple licenses


Additional features of DoubleKiller Pro

The following list describes some of the key features that are only available since DoubleKiller Pro and not included in the free version.

  • - Multilingual interface: With freely downloadable language files the complete interface can be translated into another language
  • - Completely rewritten scanning engine: In tests with filename, date and/or size comparison DoubleKiller Pro was 70 times as fast as the free version and more, depending on the number of files compared
  • - Advanced comparison options for each of the four basic comparison criteria, e.g. to compare only a particular part of the file name or content, to allow a specified tolerance for file size or date, or to perform a byte-per-byte comparison instead of a CRC32
  • - Improved folder selection: Directories can be excluded from the scan (e.g. to scan 'C:\', but exclude 'C:\Windows') or temporarily disabled (no need to remove them from the list)
  • - A distinction between so-called fresh and library folders allows to quickly compare a small number of unknown files against a huge collection
  • - The result list can be sorted pair-by-pair or regrouped by any criterion - combined with the "check first" and "check last" buttons this allows to automatically mark e.g. the oldest or smallest files of a set for removal
  • -The feature "check by criteria" allows to check or uncheck files based on criteria like file name masks, path masks, file size or date ranges
  • - Beside moving the checked files into a specified folder or directly deleting them, you can move them into Windows' Recycle Bin from which they can easily be restored to their original location or replace the duplicates by shortcuts pointing to the remaining files
  • - Directories that have been emptied completely while removing duplicate files can be deleted automatically
  • - You can save the result list at any time and continue or review your work later
  • - Command line support: The complete process of selecting folders, scanning for duplicates and removing files can be automated

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